Sarah was four when we found the last dog we'll ever have...HAVANESE!


    Havanese are contagious! From our first litter, Cheese and Cracker presented us with five boys and one little girl. The girl who is twelve now, Tinkerbell, is Sarah's constant companion. One of the boys went to my mom, Carolyn, and lives in Phoenix now. His name is Moeka. Lottie joined mom's family, from Miami, and was Moeka's "first date" and they're retired now. My parents are retired, but have one of my sister's children to raise. They, like us, love the babies immensely. Having a young kid around definitely makes the puppies very well socialized. Abbie joined the growing Hav-family last winter. She's a chocolate lovely from Dallas. So, my retired, "empty nester" parents have a teen-age boy, six adult havanese, and NO boredom at all! 


    Yes, we hear this a lot..." do you mean Pekinese?...Maltese? looks like a Shih Tzu!"  NO! It's a Havanese, and nothing is like one! The AKC  website has a lot of information, as does the Havanese Club of America  website, and I highly recommend doing as much research as possible before you decide on your new family member.

    "A sturdy little dog of immense charm" the breed's standard. These are small, toy dogs, but in no way delicate or fragile! 

    Havanese are the most loving, loyal, intelligent, playful animals we have found. One site says they are "big dog attitude in a small dog package". Ours will take off at a dead run through their dog-door, across the porch, and cause a stampede when those pesky white-tail deer come into the yard to graze. The pups don't seem to notice that their ten pounds of body weight is matched to 125 pounds with antlers! The deer run off every time! 

    Remember, please, that all dogs are pack animals, and as such are much happier with at least one other of their own kind...besides-nothing plays with a Havanese like another Havanese! They seem to have their own games-known only unto them, and instinctually known by them all. For example "run-like-crazy"...where one chases the other from one end of the house to the other...then both turn around and it's the other's turn...Then there's the ever popular "I can walk on my back legs for days" game, where the endearing little one will waltz around the treat-bin doing a beautiful ballet of begging until you are so overwhelmed by the cute you have to give them a biscuit!

    Please, go, research, and when you discover what we did, please come back and see who's in the nursery.

Doug and Terri were always "Big dog people"! Their two Black Lab girls, Penny and Nickel, were family members for fifteen years. After their passing, Terri was diagnosed with asthma, and Sarah (a human daughter) was born, giving the family two reasons to find a dog that was more adapted to those needs...i.e.; non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, kid-friendly, and most importantly not a "yappy little dog!"

The search began...