You can pay more, if you insist, for puppies from dogs that have been “CHIC certified”, but your money is buying you very little in terms of peace of mind since the very breeders who are most prone to do CHIC testing, are the same breeders who may inbreed their dogs in their constant quest to produce a  beautiful champion. 
Health Screening

Show breeders routinely use breeding practices that have, over time, increased the prevalence of a number of genetically inherited diseases in popular breeds of dogs.

Show breeders insist that all dogs being bred should have an entire battery of health tests. There are currently NO tests that are able to detect genetic markers for any of the most common genetic diseases. The tests that make up the battery of CHIC tests simply determine whether or not a given dog has the diseases tested for at the time the dog is tested.
These tests simply give no assurance whatsoever that a given dog does not carry the genes that lead to genetic diseases.

The most beautiful dogs do not carry the “best” genes:
If we want to understand the problem of genetic diseases in purebred dogs, we have to take a sober look at the breeding practices of show breeders, (who like to call themselves “reputable breeders”, let’s not forget). Show breeders breed for beauty. That’s it. Their highest priority is to breed the most beautiful dogs that can win the most dog beauty contests. THAT is what show breeders do. Period.

The breeding practices that are routinely accepted among show breeders allow a distressing degree of inbreeding among their dogs.  

A diverse gene pool, and a breeder who is careful to AVOID the inbreeding that is common among many show breeders, as we do, is your best bet for avoiding inherited diseases.

Healthy Puppy Guarantee
Dog health guarantees are intended to take some of the anxiety out of buying a puppy. 
The contract of sale will provide you with the security needed for your new family member.


Responsible pet breeder:
There are many dog breeders who love dogs, take excellent care of their dogs, and make sure that they breed pedigreed purebred dogs that are healthy and happy, and exhibit characteristics that make them excellent family pets.

Responsible pet breeders certainly enjoy it when one of their puppies show exceptional physical beauty, but they know that physical beauty is NOT the primary characteristic that makes a good family pet.

Responsible pet breeders want to breed healthy and happy purebred dogs. They breed for characteristics of personality and behavior that make dogs beloved family pets.

We are “responsible pet breeders”. Our breeding "stock" are our own beloved family pets. They are healthy and happy dogs with highly sociable and loving personalities. 

Our goal is to breed purebred dogs that will make excellent family pets.


Our Philosophy
Our goal is to breed purebred Havanese dogs that exhibit the best characteristics of this wonderful breed. Our primary emphasis is to produce healthy puppies whose characteristics make them the most excellent family pets.​